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Make your desires the centre of your future plan. One of the great challenges about planning for the future is to answer a very simple question “what do you want to do when you retire / how will you spend your time?”

This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer and the first thoughts that come to mind are to spend more time with a hobby or pastime. However, these answers are not something that would fully occupy your time, and more importantly are highly unlikely to provide purpose.

The exercises are designed to help you rekindle the same imagination and excitement about the future you had when you were younger, and enable you to formulate plans and real goals.

How Bliss Works

Designed for anyone in, approaching or planning for retirement who wants to understand the crucial non-financial aspects of their future.

Video explaining how Bliss works.

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per year

  • Thought-provoking exercises
  • Make plans that give you purpose and make you happy
  • Set goals and actions to help you achieve what’s important to you
  • Spend more time doing what you enjoy
  • Track your progress and set new goals as life changes



per month

  • Happy people are more motivated, healthier and productive
  • Our app makes Rewards and Benefits packages more effective
  • Proactive retirement planning would benefit 80%
  • We all deserve a midlife MOT
  • Recognise, support and retain

“I think the stars lined up when I attended your ‘getting ready for Retirement’ session last year – who knew that I would be calling on the invaluable information you shared so soon. As I said at the time it was a brilliant session and one that will be extremely useful in the coming weeks.”

Judith D, Client

“We both really enjoyed it and it has provoked much discussion! The course really made us both think….and we have both reached a point where we can see a future where we find balance. Thank-you! The course has helped us both so much.”

D & K Whenmouth

“We deliver this workshop for a selection of our employees of all ages and the feedback was extremely positive, with many of the delegates rethinking how they approach this “new phase” of their Life. A great addition to our offering for employees at any stage of their employment with us.”

FTSE 100 Company

“As a psychologist working with professionals to help them optimise and embrace change, I know how important it is to plan and prepare for retirement.”

Dr Jo Perkins, CPsychol

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