Help your employees retire happier, healthier and wealthier

As humans we’re very future-orientated, from holidays to plotting a five-year plan. 57% of people globally don’t feel content with their current financial circumstances.

Are You:

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Then BLISS is for you!

Video explaining how Bliss works.

The problem we face

Right now 57% of your employees DO NOT feel in control of their financial future.

This silent stress is having a significant impact on the productivity and mental well-being of your friends, colleagues and workforce.

Something that you can help to change.

The solution is BLISS

At Bliss, our goal is to change the way we all think about and prepare for our future lifestyles. Afterall, a happy and motivated individual with purpose, is a productive individual.

Reimagining and redesigning retirement

The Bliss – Retire Happy App, is designed to integrate seamlessly with any employee benefit package. Perfect for anyone, approaching, planning or in retirement who wants to understand the crucial financial and non-financial aspects of their future.

It’s simple and interactive dashboard will ask a series of questions to identify what areas the person is succeeding in and what areas need improving. From there, they will be able to edit and track their plan to meet personal goals, or even course correct, should it become clear they are on the wrong path and wish to change direction.

What we want

People need to have purpose. The only reason to save money is to know why you’re saving it. When you have purpose and you have a plan it is easier to reimagine your future. We want people to start saving from as early as possible. We want them to feel in control of their financial future. We want them to retire happy.

Adapt your plan however you want

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of UK employees aged 35 – 44 are not currently saving for retirement *

Over 30%

of employees in the UK aged 35 – 44 are unhappy with their retirement provision *


of UK employees aged 35-44 do not feel in control of their financial future *

* Stats source – LCP Financial Wellbeing Report 2021

Help your employees make the right decisions about their future

It is no longer enough to contribute to your employees’ pensions. While these are welcome, too many people will under invest in their pensions and find the outcome often falls short of their expectations and needs. The problem is people don’t really know what they want from their futures.

Bliss Provides your employees with the skills to better understand their needs and aspirations for life after work. Armed with this knowledge about themselves they will be better equipped to understand what they need to do to invest for their futures.

We believe that once a person has a purpose. Once they know what they want from their later life and have a clear actionable plan to achieve it, they will benefit any company and employer they work with.

Our data secure App provides long-term advantages to both the employer and employee.

Key features include:

  • An interactive ongoing, measurable rewards and benefits programme.
  • Improves uptake and effectiveness of existing offers (pensions, health etc.)
  • Increases employee engagement and supports skills retention and transfer.
  • Designed to be integrated into your current benefits dashboard
  • Access to workshops and further coaching also available
  • A process to help employees plan their retirement, one of life’s most stressful times.
  • A unique offer that complements and makes other rewards and benefits more effective.
  • Highly cost effective and scalable with a secure multi-level admin platform.
  • GDPR compliant with white label capability and API designed to integrate into the dashboard.
  • Supports early retirement, career change and redundancy as well as “normal” retirement.

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The 6 Pillars


There are 6 pillars that we focus on at Bliss.

The graph will help visualise the areas that someone is succeeding in and the areas that need attention.

  • Social Connections
  • Physical Health
  • Finances
  • Emotional Health
  • Leisure
  • Community

The graph is interactive, and can be adjusted as they progress with their plan of action.

Apply your plan


Each person’s plan becomes an organic, long-term and frequently accessed program.

Tracking the different areas of their life they can adapt their plan however they want, in accordance with any change in life circumstances, or if they decide to change direction altogether. In addition to the Bliss App, we will provide exclusive access to webinars, blogs, podcasts, online courses and other content that will support anyone on the journey to a happier future.

We also offer private one-to-one coaching with our Bliss specialist retirement coaches.

Financial Calculator


Time to think about the cost of your future lifestyle.

By completing the calculator the person will be able to see how well positioned they are for the future currently, or see what they would need to earn and save to achieve it.

Bliss – Beyond the App

There is a lot more that Bliss has to offer outside of the App itself. Here you can see all the additional services that we provide in order to help educate and support your teams.

Our goal is to help as many people as we can find purpose and help as many business owners as we can, engage their employees to do this. We understand that not all businesses can accommodate the App for their teams, so we’ve made it easy for anyone at any stage of their journey to get the help and information they need to identify their purpose and start preparing for later life.

Don’t take our word for it.

Here is what our clients have to say:

"Thanks to Bliss, I finally got round to putting my mental & physical health back in the driving seat. Plus I was able to finally figure out my financial strategy starting with reviewing my pension contributions with my advisor and putting a stronger savings plan together for the future. I now feel more confident than ever about my goals going forward."

Darren G, Hold Tight PR

“I think the stars lined up when I attended your ‘getting ready for Retirement’ session last year – who knew that I would be calling on the invaluable information you shared so soon. As I said at the time it was a brilliant session and one that will be extremely useful in the coming weeks.”

Judith D, Client

“We both really enjoyed it and it has provoked much discussion! The course really made us both think….and we have both reached a point where we can see a future where we find balance. Thank-you! The course has helped us both so much.”

D & K Whenmouth

“We deliver this workshop for a selection of our employees of all ages and the feedback was extremely positive, with many of the delegates rethinking how they approach this “new phase” of their Life. A great addition to our offering for employees at any stage of their employment with us.”

FTSE 100 Company

“As a psychologist working with professionals to help them optimise and embrace change, I know how important it is to plan and prepare for retirement.”

Dr Jo Perkins, CPsychol

Simple, Straightforward Pricing


App annual


per person per year

  • Proactive retirement planning that would benefit 80% of employers
  • An interactive ongoing, measurable rewards and benefits programme
  • Improves uptake and effectiveness of existing offers (pensions, health etc.)
  • Designed to be integrated into your current benefits dashboard
  • Access to workshops, books, online courses, podcasts and live events are competitively priced
  • Access to our Bliss retirement specialist coaches
  • Recognise, support and retain what matters to your employees

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