Preparing your employees for retirement

Help your employees make the right decisions about their future

It is no longer enough to contribute to your employees’ pensions. While these are welcome, too many people will under invest in their pensions with the result that they find the outcome often falls short of their expectation and needs. Part of the problem is people do not truly know what they want in their futures.

Bliss Provides your employees with the skills to better understand their needs and aspirations for life after work. Armed with this knowledge about themselves your employees will be better able to understand what they need to do to invest for their futures.

The Programme is delivered via our data secure App with a multi-layer administration system and provides long-term advantages to both the employer and employee. Live workshops are also available.

Key features include:

  • Interactive ongoing and measurable rewards and benefits programme.
  • Delivered by a data secure app with the multi-layer administration system
  • Improves the effectiveness of existing offers (pensions, health etc.)
  • Long term advantages to both employer and employee
  • Designed to be integrated into your benefits dashboard

The Bliss Programme

The Bliss Programme is the result of 30 years of research and development by retirement experts and is supported by eminent Psychologists and other leading authorities on retirement.

The Programme is aimed at anyone within a few years of retirement, considering early retirement or reviewing their life in retirement.  The programme addresses the crucial non-financial parts of our lives that enable a longer, happier, healthier and more meaningful existence.

Bliss creates a plan that is unique to you.

The 3 phase Programme


Explore what your vision for your future could look like


Track your plan for the different areas of your life


Achieve your goals and add new directions

Discover your future vision



Delivered via Workshops, Webinar and App

This stage consists of a series of structured exercises asking exploratory questions to uncover what you will be replacing your past, working life with and what your vision for your future looks like. The issues we address are challenging and stimulating, and include evaluation of questions such as:

  • Welcome to retirement, who am I now?
  • What are you retiring from?
  • What matters to you?
  • What makes you happy?
  • Have you thought through your life plan?

Automatically your answers are collated and incorporated with your unique, secure account within the Bliss App. This will form the start of your ongoing plan and allow you to begin the journey and build the bridges to your new world!

Apply your plan



Your plan becomes an organic, long-term and frequently accessed program tracking the different areas of your life

You can adapt your plan however you want, in accordance with any change in life circumstances, or if you decide to change direction. In addition to the Bliss App, we will provide you with exclusive access to live Webinars, Video and Podcast content that will support you on your journey. We also offer private one-to-one coaching with our Bliss specialist retirement coaches.

Review your goals



Start to achieve the goals you have set for yourself

At this stage of your Bliss journey you’ll realise the Programme works! It will now be time to start setting new objectives within your plan. In addition to setting new goals circumstances change and new directions need taking. The Programme allows you to readjust your plan so you can set out on a new path.